Internationally Published Poet Shares his Writing Experience

Welcome back to the Write Styles where on this motivational Monday, an Internationally Published Poet Shares his Writing Experience with us! Welcome to the Write Styles, Warren.

Dear poets, don’t forget to check out our previous article with the amazing poet Lorraine Candy who shares Poetry in Motion with the Write Styles 🙂

Internationally Published Poet Shares his Writing Experience

TWS: Warren, at the age of 15, you had already written over 300 poems. Do you recall how old you were when you wrote your first poem?

Warren: I must apologize for the confusion; I actually began writing at the age of 15 and have completed over 300 poems to date. I do not have as much time lately, but I make it a point to write at least one new piece every week, so I never have to encounter the dreaded ‘writers block’

TWS: Poetry is art. Leonardo Da Vinci stated that art is never finished, but abandoned. How would you relate to his statement?

Warren: As human beings, we are driven by our emotions, and that is what art is essentially. It is the expression of emotion whether it be love, passion, regret, hope in either of the forms; painting, writing, sculpting. Since emotion is at the core of who we are, theoretically speaking the artist could continue to produce artworks for a lifetime, but it is ultimately the choice of the individual to continue or not. This is probably the issue that Da Vinci was referring to.

TWS: In one of your articles, you shared your opinion on how kids are killing English through social media. How do you feel about the latest slangs and trendy words?

 Warren: A greater divide is being created between young and old due to the continued use of slang and ‘trendy’ words. Even a professional platform such as LinkedIn has not been spared from the onslaught of slang, abbreviations, and ‘hip’ words and phrases that have been picked up from music videos, movies, and other social networking sites. In my opinion, the situation is getting worse, which really makes me wonder how the youth will be able to excel in life if they are unable to communicate with those who are supposed to mentor, teach, and hire them.

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TWS: Recently, it is accepted to converse with someone who verbalizes the acronym, “LOL!” I even witness misuse of acronyms in writing-job applications. In my opinion, this is a reflection of how trending words are impacting our societies in general. However, it also indicates how society is evolving with writing. Could you share how writing has shaped you, personally?

Warren: Writing has shown me a world that I never imagined could exist and opened doors that I never knew were closed in the first place. It has taught me how to focus on one thing at a time and more importantly, how to finish what I have started. Unfortunately, though, writing has not given me a love for reading; I have read a grand total of two and a half (still trying to get through Enders Game) novels in the past seven odd years.

TWS: Warren, you write short stories, articles and essays. You also have your poetry published internationally. Which of your published work is your favorite writing experience?

Warren: I have two; my first time being published back in 2016 in an international publication called the IFLAC Anti-Terror and Peace anthology, which led to an interview on Lotus FM and an article on my achievement being printed in a local newspaper. The second would be collaborating with Leroy Chatfield, an American author, on a piece for his publication which was released earlier this year (Syndic no. 9 literary journal) It was the first time that someone who I have never worked with before had shown such a keen interest in my work.

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TWS: Your work is known to mirror your honest opinion. How do you deal with the critics?

Warren: Most of my readers actually agree with and can relate to my views on a particular subject because I write from my own experiences which include a good upbringing. In regard to those that have a negative view of my writing or have different opinions, I hold no resentment since everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as am I.

TWS: I recently read that you enjoy writing and researching topics in science and history. Have you been drawn to researching these subjects since age 15?

Warren: Yes, and no. History and science as subjects in school were extremely fascinating, but it was only after I had completed my high school career, did I then begin to research on my own, which has greatly influenced my writing and outlook on life in general.

TWS: Considering your interest in history, who is your most influential poet of all times?

Warren: Poetry can be conveyed in many forms; Shakespeare and Wordsworth used the written style, Maya Angelou conveys her beautiful messages verbally, while Hip-Hop artists use a musical/lyrical style. Therefore, for me the most influential poet has to be Marshal Mathers AKA Eminem, who has and continues to inspire me to better myself in every project I complete, through his music.

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TWS: Lastly, what advice and insight would you like to share with other aspiring poets?

Warren: You make the rules. As long as you have breath in your body it is your duty to fight for your place among legends. Excuses will get you nowhere fast; find a way even if everyone tells you that there is none, work hard by writing every single day even if you are only writing for yourself, and never ever give up. Fail today to succeed tomorrow.

TWS: Thank you for your time and this wonderful opportunity.

Please feel free to Contact Me if you wish to Guest Blog for Us.

Blessed Be

Julia x

The Write Styles Interviews Novelist Candice-Leigh Wadely

Welcome back to the Write Styles! On this Fantastic Friday we are interviewing an amazing novelist, Candice-Leigh Wadely! If you missed my previous interview, go check out where Megan Olivier shares her success story with the Write Styles.

TWS: Welcome to the Write Styles, Candice.

Candice: Thank you Julia, it’s a privilege.

The Write Styles Interviews Novelist Candice-Leigh Wadely

TWS: Candice, you have accomplished incredible achievements for somebody so young. You have a Bachelor of Arts in both Health Science and Social Services. I noted that you also have an Honors in Psychology, and an Integrated Learning Certificate. I was most amazed to see that you are also a teacher and have travelled around the world to work with children!
Could you please share with our readers how you manage your time? What disciplines do you practice to still make the time to write?

Candice: Time is very valuable to me. On top of all of those things I am also a single mother, and are still a student (studying my Postgraduate in Education). I manage my time by compartmentalizing all the things I do.

My son is the only thing that seeps into every minute of my day. Everything else has its place in my life.

I’m a teacher so at the moment I get home at around 3pm. I cook, do washing, and clean the house. You know, all those glamorous things! Then my son and I exercise together and play in the yard or do T’ai Chi. If he is playing independently I try to check emails, or reply to messages. We eat together and then read a book before bedtime. After the witching hour (supper, bath, bed) I usually take a half an hour for myself to just relax. I am occasionally guilty of that half an hour turning into me waking up at 2am having fallen asleep on the couch. Then I hit the books, do lesson plans or write.

When I am studying I have a very strict routine after my son goes to bed. It helps me keep on track. I make sure I set goals, and as I meet those goals I reward myself with writing. I sleep very little. Evidently I am part of the sleepless elite.

TWS: When did you first realize that you want to be a writer? Can you remember what inspired you at the time?

Candice: I was very young. Probably about eight years old. This is going to sound ridiculous but I had a poster on my bedroom wall. It was a poster of two children sitting on a rock with a dolphin in the water at their feet.

The little girl was holding a shell and the sunset behind them was stunning. I was obsessed with dolphins at the time and I really needed that poster to tell me a story, so I wrote one. I think that was the first thing I ever wrote; a story lost long ago.

TWS: Do you often feel that writing can energize you, but at other times writing can become exhausting? How do you find the balance between these stages?

Candice: Truthfully, I find writing to be my escape. When I am studying it helps me to push aside all the academic information. That is why at the moment I enjoy writing fantasy.

I have yet to experience stages of exhaustion. Perhaps if I wasn’t studying at the same time I would reach them because I wouldn’t have something else to exhaust me.

TWS: Some say they suffer of writers’ block. Do you believe in writers’ block? If so, how do you overcome it?

Candice: I have not experienced writers block, yet. I don’t write in a conventional way, I do not have a plan or a lay out, I just let the characters tell me what will happen next. I’m surprised at what happens in some of my writing.

I do believe it is a real thing, but I have to say that I think because writing is my creative outlet after hours of studying, it makes it easier for me to disappear into the world my characters create.

TWS:What would you consider is your greatest challenge about writing?

Candice: Time. Without a doubt it would be finding the time and energy to write after the busy days that I have.

TWS: What inspired your novel Cursed? Which character do you relate to the most?

Candice: I was busy with my Honors Psychology when I started writing Cursed.


I had research reports coming out of my ears and my son was still very small so I was spread thin. One day I was watching him during his nap and I remembered a dream I had once had. In the dream I was holding a baby and running away from something. I was so full of information from a morning of studying that I decided to just sit and write it down. It just carried on coming. I used that nap time to just let my brain stray from the information overload of my degree, and it turned into a book.

Who do I relate to? Each of them is a part of me, each one has one of my many nuances written into them somewhere. If I had to choose, I would say I relate most to Lydia and Seraphina.

TWS: As a student of science and humanity, could you share how you came about to write Cursed as a fantasy novel?

Candice: I love fantasy as much as I love logic and science, as well as the humanities. The fantasy came about as an escape from the practicality of my work. We all need somewhere to escape to and I am not traveling at the moment due to my studies, so what better place than the imagination. As a child I had a vivid imagination, perhaps it’s just never left me.

TWS: What made you want to become a teacher?

Candice: I have a passion for education. I believe it really could be the answer to everything that is wrong with the world. I think there are some redeeming qualities in the way we educate our children, but there are also gaps.

My goal is to write curriculum that will be accessible to anyone and everyone. Curriculum that will inspire teachers, and captivate learners. Then there are obviously the children. I teach because I love spending time with inquiring minds, and there no minds as inquiring as those of children.

TWS: What was your favorite experience while traveling around the world? How did the environment affect your writing? Did teaching TEFL in anyway influence your writing?

Candice: My favorite experience? That is an incredibly hard one to answer. I have had many amazing experiences in many amazing countries. I think if I had to pick one it would be this; while backpacking through Thailand we hopped on a scooter and made our way into the jungle (not a smart idea as scooters are not notorious for being off road bikes).

We got lost and ended up in a remote village. When we pulled up to ask for directions the entire village came out to meet us. One man was holding a toddler who I gravitated towards. I have loved children my whole life, and generally they take to me like ducks to water. This child, however, did not like the sight of me and screamed blue murder when I reached out to touch him.

The father very quickly, using gestures because no one in the village spoke English, told me that the child had never seen anyone with white skin before. We left the village feeling a bit more humble and informed about how different life is to every individual and how our way is not necessarily the right way even if it works for us. We ended the day swimming in the most amazing mangroves. It was a good day.

I think traveling has had a massive impact on not only my creative writing but also my academics. I could not pin point one thing, or one experience as being a defining moment. Each moment I experienced, every person I met, every conversation I had; I realized how little I knew. For the most part we live in our own little bubble surrounded by our own expert opinion, which we feed by keeping like-minded people close.

In the grander scheme of things, that expert opinion holds little water in the world. The world is too large, there is too much we don’t know, too much we will never see. Traveling taught me that we need be uncomfortable to learn. I don’t know if that comes across in this book, but in the one I am writing now, it is a major theme.

Yes. Teaching English as a Foreign Language has had a major impact on me as a person and by default my writing. Working with people of other cultures, particularly in their own environment, is mind blowing. Again, because we assume so much, yet know so little. In fact so much so, that if I can find the energy one day, after I have completed my current degree I intend to pursue a degree in Anthropology.

TWS: Lastly, can you share any insights with our aspiring writers? Can you share a personal message that has been your mantra when times are tough?

Candice: Admire the greats, but remember, they did not become great by being like everybody else.

TWS: Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Candice: It has been my pleasure. Thank you!

If you are interested in writing from home for a living, our previous article has brilliant writing opportunities!

Blessed Be

Julia x

Fabulous Friday Special – Double Freelance Writing Jobs Article

Welcome back to the Write Styles where on this Fabulous Friday Special – Double Freelance Writing Jobs Article! What better way to end the week with so many new writing opportunities? 🙂
Fabulous Friday Special - Double Freelance Writing Jobs Article

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Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write StylesIf you missed my previous article, don’t forget to go check out where I interview the amazing author and filmmaker Megan Olivier, where she shares her success story with the Write Styles!

Blessed Be

Julia x

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write Styles

Welcome back to the Write Styles where today writer and filmmaker Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write Styles!

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write Styles

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write Styles

TWS: Hello Megan and welcome to the Write Styles. I and our readers thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Megan: Thank you so much for having me! I’m so excited to chat with you.

TWS: Megan, you left college at age 19 and I left school at age 13. So I can relate quite a bit to the feeling of sitting at a kitchen table wondering, “What now?” Megan, what advice do you have for those who genuinely don’t fit in high school nor college?

Megan: It’s so funny; when you first leave college or uni, you feel like you’re completely alone. Like you’re the only person in the history of life to find themselves in that situation. Later on you learn there are actually so many people who’ve gone through the exact same thing.

Education doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, I’m sure there a lot of people sitting in university lectures right now who really shouldn’t be there. I don’t think schools explore options like apprenticeships, jobs, starting your own business/self-employment opportunities, or distance learning for those who dislike the classroom environment (in the UK, you can study a degree with the Open University with no prior qualifications – I didn’t find out about that until years after I left education).

It’s as if college and university are the only options. If you know in your heart that education is wrong for you and you don’t need a degree to reach your goals, then accept that about yourself. Why keep pushing yourself to do something that is against your nature when that energy could be pushed into your strengths? I’d do your own research and see what options you have available. And always know that it is possible to get a degree at absolutely any age.

My husband Lewis has just started studying a Nutrition degree – an area he’s so interested in – and at twenty-two he’s nowhere near the oldest on the course. There’s a guy who’s sixty!

You don’t have to have it all figured out before you’re twenty. Take your time and allow yourself to try things. Fail. That’s what being young is all about!

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write Styles

TWS: What or who inspired you to begin writing?

Megan: Oh gosh, that’s a difficult one. As a child I’d always walk around doing weird, flamboyant hand gestures, telling myself stories. When I was lonely on the playground, I’d sit to the side and make up stories about my classmates. I always loved books and my mum read to me from a really young age.

I messed around with stories, songs, poems, and plays throughout my childhood. But I wrote my first serious novel after I left college. My step dad owned a copy of Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ and it was one of the most inspiring non-fiction books I’ve ever read. Plus, I was working at Lush at the time and one of my co-workers had just published a Young Adult novel; I had living proof that publishing was possible!

TWS: With both your YouTube channel and your career in filming, where do you find the time to write? Or should I rather ask how?

Megan: I think you’ve got to be really strict with yourself. You’ve got to decide that writing is a priority for you and respect your own decision. I hate being told what to do, even I’m the one telling myself to do something, but I hate the guilt of having not written and the feeling of being distanced from my story even more.

I don’t write heaps every day. I give myself a minimum of just 1,000 words 5 days a week because I find that to be sustainable for me, even during times when my life is busy with videography work.

If I forced myself to do 3,000 a day, I’d probably never write again! It’s a balance of trying to keep writing fun but also having enough self-discipline to keep it a part of my routine.

TWS: Which author got you interested in reading? What are your favorite books?

Megan: The first books I can remember reading on my own (I was probably about six or seven at the time) were The Glitter Girls by Caroline Plaisted. Then I found and fell in love with Jacqueline Wilson.

I guess I’ve always loved contemporary fiction and authors who aren’t kind to their characters. My favourite book of all time is Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

It’s a dystopian love story set in a world not too dissimilar to apartheid South Africa. I couldn’t stop thinking about for at least a month after I finished reading. If a book makes me cry, it usually ends up pretty high on my all time favorites list. So I guess my goal is to make people cry with my words too!

TWS: You explain in your YouTube channel that you write at least 1000 words a day. Do you ever experience writer’s block? If so, what do you do to overcome these days?

Megan: I actually have a video about this coming out in a couple of weeks! I definitely have days that are harder than others. Usually it’s on a Monday after I’ve spent the weekend away from my story.

I’ll make myself do the bare minimum and then close my computer and try again the next day. If I’m struggling, it might be a warning sign that the section I’m writing is a bit boring or filler, so I’ll try to get back to the action and to move the story forwards in some way. I also remind myself that first drafts are not supposed to be perfect.

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write Styles

TWS: What keeps your passion of writing alive? Can we expect another book?

Megan: I think it’s the fact that there is always another idea. I’ll be midway through my current project and my next idea will start screaming for attention. So I always know what I’m going to be working on once my current project has been tucked away.

I write about people and so, as long as I’m having new life experiences and meeting new humans, there’s always going to be something for me to say (hopefully).

TWS: What inspired you to create your YouTube channel and how do you keep that inspiration alive?

Megan: I must’ve been on YouTube for almost ten years now, in some form or another! I’ve always loved the sense of the community and the fact that you make friends all over the world, particularly if you’re introverted and sometimes find it uncomfortable to talk to real-life friends.

I find talking in front of a camera much easier than talking to someone I’ve just met! It’s a great way to express myself and get my voice and ideas out there. In terms of inspiration, I ask myself ‘what do I want to make this month?’ and try my best to avoid looking at the view count.

Hauls might be popular, but I know I’d end up wanting to shoot myself if I had to make one every week.

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write StylesTWS: You mentioned in your channel that you have started going to the gym. Healthy life – healthy mind! How has gymming affected your writing career?

Megan: In order to write, you have to have some level of confidence in yourself. Taking care of how you look, what you eat, how much you exercise, all of that helps to improve your self-worth. Plus, I feel like there are lots of similarities between writing and exercise.

As far as I know, nobody recommends weight lifting for much longer than an hour a day. Any time you spend in the gym after that first hour isn’t going to benefit you. For me, writing is the same. A little bit every day is much more sustainable than pushing myself and burning out.

Similarly, if you were new to exercise, the advice would usually be don’t push yourself too hard – you don’t want to injure yourself. Start light. Start with twenty or thirty minutes a day. I think you can apply the same to writing. Don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning – you don’t want to scare yourself away before you’ve even given yourself a chance.

Start with a just a few words or stick a timer on for twenty or thirty minutes a day. Those words can really add up over time, just like the effort you put in at the gym. One day you’ll look up and you’ve got biceps! And one day you’ll look up and you’ve got a first draft of a full-length novel!

TWS: What is your favorite perk about being self employed?

Megan: Freedom! I’m crap at being told what to do. I usually plan out my day the night before and I like how each day is completely different. I can go to the gym during the quiet, off-peak time. I can slot in writing wherever I like.

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write StylesTWS: One of my favorite authors said that a tidy desk is a reflection of a tidy mind. What made you become a minimalist and how do you relate to this quote?

Megan: I love that! I’m forever trying to explain that concept to my husband Lewis but he doesn’t quite get it. I don’t think he even sees mess or clutter (sometimes I wish I didn’t either!)

I think I’ve been a minimalist since I first discovered selling my old clothing and games on eBay at about thirteen. I’m still addicted to getting rid of stuff! It’s exactly like you say, a tidy and organized home makes me feel tidy and organised on the inside.

like the idea of keeping items in flow too. I don’t like holding onto things that I don’t need. Maybe that’s also somewhat to do with my love of freedom. Having lots of rubbish can make you feel heavy.

I find it very hard to work if I’m in a cluttered space. I think in order to write to the best of your ability, you need to be happy. Organisation and cleanliness make me happy!

TWS: I have watched your Vlog about touring South Africa. Fun fact – I do live in South Africa! What did you enjoy most about your visit all the way here from England? Would you ever consider returning?

Megan: Ah, that’s amazing! South Africa is such a special place to me. Every time I see the flag I get a little flutter of excitement! Both of my parents and my step dad were born and lived near Durban until their early twenties. I also lived in KwaZulu-Natal for eighteen months when I was around 5-6 years old.

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write Styles

I have a really strong SA accent on loads of my old family videos! I think that’s why everyone called me ‘posh’ at high school, because I still say long ‘a’s rather than short, which is a bit weird in the North West of England!

Maybe I’m looking through rose tinted glasses, but I remember my time over there as this beautiful period spent frolicking in the sun, climbing trees, drinking Creme Soda and lime milkshakes, and having this wonderful little group of smiling friends. Living in England has never felt the same and, although I’m not sure I’d ever move back to SA, I don’t plan to stay here forever! I want my children to be able to play outside and swim in their pool too.

I’m thinking of going back over next September. I’d love to make it a yearly thing as my granny and grandpa still live in Pinetown.

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write Styles

TWS: Thanking you so much for this amazing opportunity! Is there anything that I may not have covered, that you would care to share with aspiring writers?

Megan: Thank you for having me! Your questions were so personal and thoughtful. I’ve loved answering them! My final word for aspiring writers would be please don’t let writing become a chore. Always remind yourself that, even if you have a schedule or routine, writing is a choice. If you don’t enjoy it, just don’t do it.

Take a break for two weeks. Only come back if you feel compelled to. If you’re planning to make a career out of something, you could be doing it for the next fifty years or longer. If you don’t love it, why are you putting yourself through it? Keep it fun. If you wrote as a child, remember that joy and excitement you felt when you started something new.

Megan Olivier Shares Her Success Story with the Write StylesIf you’re interested in reading some of my writing, I’m going to have a short story available for free in October! If you’d like to receive it, just scroll down and sign up to my mailing list at


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Place your online recruitment advertising to achieve desired success

2018 Best Practices  – Successful Online Recruitment

To make your online recruitment advertising campaign a success, you should follow some golden rules, and this essential guide can help you a lot in due course.

The UK is witnessing exponential economic growth in all sectors. It has uplifted the job market thanks to the increased demands of the workforce. Different businesses, manufacturers, and industries are looking for expected talents right from fresher to highly experienced professionals.

It has brightened the prospects of job seekers but fired the competitions among the recruiters too. Employers or recruiters are eyeing on high Return on Investment (ROI), quick process, and satisfactory results when going to publish an online advertisement for their needs.

Before saying anything regarding successful online recruitment advertisement, I would like to give some points that how online recruitment ads are useful.

The Advantages of Online Recruitment

  • Cost-effective
  • Vast audience available
  • Fast
  • Ease of use
  • Measurability

Selection of Appropriate Job Board

In the UK, dozens of international and national job portals are operating. Similarly, nearly a hundred local job boards are providing localized services. Thus, in such a crowded market right selection makes a great sense for advertisers.

However, some hints may help in due course.

  1. Check the target audience of job board and see whether those are matching with your needs or not.
  2. Niche job portals are the best way to meet your niche specific requirements compared to generalist job board.
  3. Check similarity in vacancies on the job site.
  4. See the numbers of users of the job website.
  5. Analyze the demographics of the audience.
  6. Explore the level of support and services the job board offer to recruiters.
  7. Finally, compare the cost of ads with other similar job boards.

Writing Effective Online Advertisements

If you or your content writer going to write an online job advertisement copy, there should be clear aims or concepts in your mind. I think the following targets may help you in this regard.

  • Encourage readability and comprehensibility of ads
  • To lure better job seekers
  • Halt entry of bad candidates
  • Cut number of useless applications
  • Reduce recruitment processing time
  • Enhance recruitment efficiencies
  • Boost the reputation of a company or brand

After fixing your targets for ads copywriting, you should consider the following tips to create an effective and functional ads copy.

  1. Put your legs in the shoes of your ideal candidates and create a copy that compels them to apply for your job posts.
  2. Remember online ads get visibility in SERPs only when it has right keywords so use relevant keywords to the job role and include those in the title as well as a description of ads.
  3. Avoid internal jargons in ads copy and create universally accepted job titles.
  4. Create lead/opening para punchy, informative yet short.
  5. Location keywords are important now. Therefore, pay focus on giving the complete location of your job places/offices.
  6. Salary is a detrimental factor so always try to mention it anyhow and at least give a range as well as depict it’s not a restriction.
  7. Be clear and concise in copywriting by avoiding filler texts, technical jargons, and padding.
  8. Bulleted lists and highlighted important facts can help you in the copy of the ad.
  9. Be legal by avoiding biased and discriminatory language to save from gender, race, and lingual issues.
  10. Write only one and clear CTA in your ads.
  11. Emphasize ideal candidate needs but allow others to apply with flexibility.

How to Make Your Recruitment Ads Campaign a Success?

Your job ads have to face stiff competitions today because hundreds or thousands of job ads are competing to your job ads aggregately on various job boards. Among those all, your ads have to stand out and grab immediate attention of job applicants reaching you in various ways.

Moreover, different job boards are offer different features for advertisements ranging from standards to advanced features that could be used for niche job ads and with specific tools only.

Here are some hints to leverage those features the most.

  • Enhanced job advertisements to augment your brand by including a brand logo or images/videos relevant to the company and job roles.
  • Look for jobs by email features on the job portal and sponsor it to send email alerts to the targeted candidates who have subscribed to it.
  • Use banners and buttons like UI elements to display and make CTA effective in your job ads.
  • Explore multiple vacancies offers if you have multiple opening in your job ads.
  • Use analytics tools offered by job portal for your ads and apply the right metrics to carry useful analysis.
  • Allocate your job ads budget appropriately among the top performing sources.
  • Measure the job ads campaign success using the right metrics and take steps to get maximum ROI.

Now you know that online job advertisements have multiple advantages. If we write an effective job copy, we can grab the attention of most of the ideal candidates within the shortest period and limited budget. Moreover, we can enhance our job ads campaign using the latest features and functionality offered by our selected job portals and make it cost-effective and highly successful.

Fortunately, among the leading job portals in the UK, Just Norfolk Jobs is highly famous and favorite destinations to place your job ads and get maximum applications as well as leverage its advanced offerings at highly competitive rates. Your right selection of job board only can make your job advertisement campaign a big hit and Just Norfolk Jobs is an unbeatable option here in Norfolk, UK.


Manya Ray

She is Marketing & PR Executive for Just Norfolk Jobs and has been since October 2017. Manya has a vast amount of HR & Recruitment experience coupled with her local knowledge of the Norfolk & Norwich area.