4 Alternatives to PayPal

With the growth of The Write Styles, I have recently found myself being inundated with emails from people wanting to know how to receive funds in countries where PayPal is not available. Believe it or not, there are many countries not supported by PayPal. Here are 4 alternatives to PayPal that I believe will assist writers receive their due payments.

4 Alternatives to PayPal

1. Google Wallet

It’s fast, easy, and free to send directly from your debit card, bank account, or Wallet Balance. You can do all this in the Google Wallet app, or, if you’re on desktop, you can also send and request money in Gmail.

When you receive money, you can quickly cash out to your bank account using your debit card, and get access to your money within minutes.4 Alternatives to PayPal

2. Payoneer

Payoneer provides freelancers and freelance marketplaces, with all the tools they need to pay and get paid globally, as easily as they do locally. With fast, flexible and low-cost payment solutions, any freelance marketplace or company can easily and quickly send funds to their freelancers with Payoneer.

4 Alternatives to PayPal - The Write Styles

Similarly, freelancers in 200+ countries worldwide, who would typically encounter difficulties when attempting to receive global payments, are equipped with a host of payment services that remove the headache of getting paid, allowing them to focus on what’s really important.

Whether you’re a small business, consultant or professional, getting paid is critical. With Payoneer, you can receive international money transfers from any company in the world quickly, securely and at low-cost.

Signing up is quick and simple with Payoneer as you need only fill in your details and they deliver a card to your door at no cost.

3. 2Checkout

2Checkout operates in a similar means as PayPal and there are many reviews online which compare the two. 2Checkout is a leading global payment platform. They allow companies to accept online and mobile payments from buyers worldwide. They offer localized payment options. 2Checkout has joined a merchant account with a payment gateway. They permit customers to receive payments via credit card and PayPal.

Microsoft Store - 4 Alternatives to PayPal

4. Freelance Bidding Sites

Another means of receiving payment for work is to use platforms such as Upwork etc. I don’t by any means recommend sourcing work there.  Make arrangements to work through to a platform like Upwork to receive PayPal funds.  Ask to do your work through them, there is a 10% charge, and then you can receive your payments.

These are some of the better alternatives, however I will update this list from time to time. If you do have any other suggestions, please do email them to me.

Wishing you all the best of luck.

Blessed Be,