5 Great New Writing Jobs

This week has 5 great new writing jobs to offer!

This week you can showcase your writing talent as you find which of these 5 great new writing jobs suit you. Articles needed are ranging from Suburban Reviews, True Story encounters, Sports Mags and more. However I think that I am going to look into ‘Writing For Animals’, you will notice it is sharing your ideas of how to write for animals. I feel one could make a large difference to others there. Whatever your choice, good luck!

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#1 The Suburban Review

Volume 7, identified as “Writers of Color” and is thereby inviting submissions from writers of color who want to share their aesthetics, experiences, stories and voices. They are now open to all forms of creativity.

Payment: Up to $150 per prose and $75 per poem. Read More

#2 True Story Magazine

The Creative Nonfiction Foundation, with the help of the National Endowment for the Arts, will début a new literary magazine called The True Story and each monthly issue will include one piece of creative non fiction. Consideration will only be given to  unpublished essays of no longer than 7,000 words.

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Payment: $300 plus 10 contributor copies. Read More.

#3 Writing for Animals

Ashland Creek Press has opened its submissions for the ‘Writing for Animals’ Anthology and we are seeking articles about the process of writing about animals, as writers are playing a central role in advancing awareness of animal issues through the written word.

We seek articles from authors and educators about the process of writing about animals in literature.* Our focus is on including a mix of instructional and inspirational articles to help readers not only improve their work but be inspired to keep at it. It is irrespective if articles are previously published, however they should not exceed 10,000 words. There is no deadline at this time.

Payment $100 per story, plus a contributor’s copy. Read More.

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#4 Sports Digital Media Reporter

Experienced multimedia freelance reporter wanted to cover sports digital media beat for industry association. Articles focused on video-streaming strategies/technology used by leagues, teams, and sports broadcasters (especially focused on streaming of major sporting events). Intermediate or above Technical knowledge of streaming video and digital media technology required. Preference is given to reporters active on social media and comfortable in creating content in video, photo, audio, and/or print.

$1,600 monthly base retainer for 5 monthly articles. Read More.

#5 Walking Tour and Food/Shopping Writer wanted for Prague Travel Guide

Delius Books is looking for a talented and experienced travel writer to contribute to our upcoming Prague travel guide.
If you’re a Prague local, know the best places for shopping, dining and going out as well as your city’s cultural hot spots and history and see yourself fit in writing walking tours (tour guide experience not a must but a plus!), you’re a perfect match for us.

Payment 1,400 EUR. Read More

Once you’ve completed your article, sit back and appreciate the feeling of achievement, realize that there is not much that can compete with it! You’ve done great!

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