5 Places where Creative Writing Earns

5 Creative Writing Opportunities to Write For a Living.

Take a look at today’s jobs I trust that they will really stir the creative writing in you! Personally, I think Tales to Go really is a motivation for us to take time out, reflect where we’ve been, and share those findings with others… and what the heck, get paid too 🙂 Have Fun and Good Luck!Inspiration for Creative Writing at The Write Styles

#1 Freelance Writing Riches.

Joining up with Freelance Writing Riches comes with a guarantee that you will become a Fully Booked Writer who will eventually be “Forced to turn clients away”. Joining them is an Ultimate Client Getting Masterclass, Read More

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At MEDHATTER you can write for Ask the Expert, Foodie, Escapes, Face and Body, In the Hat… they have several sections for you to browse around. Basically, if your story has a health slant, or you feel it’s inspiring personal experiences, DIY, reviews, or even a great holiday then they are keen to publish your 300 – 900 word story. Read More.

Payment: $50 unspecified.

#3 Sex

If you do have a compelling story that will give teens well needed information about sexuality and sexual health, then become a contributor. Read More.

Payment $75 for when published.

#4 Tales to Go

Visit Tales to Go to get a sense of what they publish, but essentially they are wanting personal, nonfiction stories  and anecdotes, albeit adventurous, funny, frightening, grim, or illuminating that reveals the alchemy of entering unfamiliar territory and begin to see the world through different eyes. Read More

Payment: $50 honorarium.

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#5 Vector Diary

Tutorial Submissions

Do you have anything interesting regarding illustrator that you would like to share? Vector Diary will pay you for your tutorial, technique for your projects, or even your step-by-step to draw an illustration. If you feel readers would love to know how, then please submit! Read More.

Payment: USD $150 via  PayPal


About Freelance Writing

About Freelance Writing offers a range of eBooks to purchase by Anne Wayman, However, should you not wish to make purchases, they also offer 14 Free Things For Writers, which may come in real useful. Read More


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FREE Monthly Websites 2.0 offers free and Premier Monthly websites. They’re offering content Rich, Easy to Edit, Cash Generating Websites at no cost. Read More.

What would be your ideal freelance writing job? Leave a comment or contact me.

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