7 Great Remote Writing Jobs for Freelancers

Are you a Freelancer? These companies are offering 7 great remote writing jobs.

This week is offering seven great remote writing jobs for you to browse through and select what suits your writing style. Venture 4th is really appealing as they are constantly looking for new talent, so be sure to browse through all their categories. As Always, Good Luck!

#1 Investing Engine

Investing Engine is wanting a Personal Finance Blogger with whom they are looking to establish a long-term relationship. They are wanting a writer who is passionate about and knowledgeable in all things regarding Personal Finance.

All topics will be focusing around personal finance, savings, smart investing, and financial freedom.

Are you willing and able to write weekly articles that are at least 1500 words in length, and that are highly targeted to a set of provided keywords.

If so apply to [email protected] and be sure to include the following:

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  • 3 examples of previous work on personal finance
  • 2 paragraphs message explaining why your interest and what you could contribute to Investing Engine.
  • Your available bandwidth for content, and which other topics in this space is of interest to you.
  • The name of the current chair of the federal reserve. Read More

#2 WebDevTuts

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Investing Engine is requires a Technical Writer for Web Development. WebDevTuts are looking for a freelance writer for a web development blog with articles including HTML, JS, Php, WordPress and so forth.

Semi-regular articles covering modern web development techniques  500 – 1000 words to help readers.

Email [email protected] with your rates, examples and links. Read More.

#3 Venture 4th Media

Venture 4th Media now have 3 roles that are available in part-time or full-time capacity, all remotely, all flexible work hours. However, if you don’t see a position that interests you and are passionate about online business/passive income properties then you can still contact them.

i. Social Media Manager.

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If you have experience in managing social media accounts, they are looking for a multi-platform Social Media Manager to lead their brand for up to 10 branded digital properties that are under development.

Requirements of knowledge

  • Pinterest accounts
  • Twitter accounts
  • Facebook fan pages
  • portfolio of work/track record success
  • SEO of social images/infographics
  • Google + and/or Instagram

Contact form

ii. Digital Content Writers

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Are you passionate about writing in an accurate detailed informative style? Do you enjoy writing product comparisons and reviews? Venture 4th Media ensure that they are always looking for talented writers to take on board. Writing experience is a plus. Read More

Contact Form

iii. Online Business Development Apprenticeship or Internship offered.

If you are keen to gain experience with business strategy regarding management and development of passive income properties online. Then this is for you! Take note that this job will reward you with experience and an opportunity to learn, not a financial reward.

  • Short-term performance bonuses are possible through increase of responsibility
  • Long term opportunity of partnership.
  • Weekly mentoring and feedback sessions
  • You will be encouraged to pursue your own entrepreneurial endeavors both inside and outside Venture 4th.

Contact Form with a job title in subject line and a LinkedIn profile would be appreciated.

#4 App Help Guru

App Help Guru is a gaming website with focus on cheats, reviews, walk-through, and much more. Due to recent expansion they are looking for a part-time blogger with knowledge of mobile devices and gaming.

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They will only be needing two to three articles per week and are willing to pay standard industry rates. Read More

Remember to check out Guest Blog For Us, as I would love to showcase your work. Do not hesitate to contact me if there is something you would like me to share or cover for you.

As Always, Blessed Be and Keep On Writing!



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