7 Top-Paying Ideas to Write From Home

7 Top-Paying Ideas to Write From Home

Here are 7 Top-Paying ideas to write from home. I’ve gone for as much diversity in jobs, so you can choose, among other, to journal on bees, submit horror books, or write fantasies! Be sure to go browse through them all before getting started.

New #1 American Bee Journal

The American Bee Journal, the oldest English language beekeeping publication in the world, is a bee magazine for professional and sideline beekeepers, as well as those with interest in bee-related subjects. The ABJ is not a peer-reviewed science journal. Its general interest articles do, however, cover results of relevant scientific studies, along with a broad range of topics about bees and beekeeping. Writers can best familiarize themselves with the magazine by reading it. Read More

Contact: [email protected]

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#2 Blood Bound Books

Blood Bound Books invite you to make extreme-horror history. Our most infamous anthology series is back, and by now, you know what we’re looking for…and if you don’t, then check out Volumes I & II. Make sure you’ve got a strong story and characters to back up your gore & debauchery.

  • Submission: May 6th to June 6th 2016 – (Decisions will be finalized by September)
  • Theme: Splatterpunk/Extreme horror/Bizarro – (no guts and gore for just the sake of it). Stories can range from 750-5000 words (query for longer)
  • Payment: All selected stories will receive 5¢/word. Read More

#3 Seven Scribes.

We are encouraging Black and like-minded emerging writers and artists to analyze, engage in and converse on politics, popular culture, literature and art.

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We focus on providing nuance and new angles to online discussions, with fresh perspectives and off-the-wall ideas
We consider all submissions, stories, and art (including music) that fit within our principles and vision, but please try to keep them under 5,000 words unless the form (novella, etc) dictates.

Our rates start at $80 flat for essays, fiction, artworks, and poetry and $100 flat for reported pieces, with rates negotiated upwards based on length, complexity, and/or the depth of reporting. Read More

#4 STIR Journal

STIR publishes provocative essays, interviews, and videos that tackle controversial issues. We’re looking for pieces that combine a strong personal narrative with a bit—or a lot—of well-researched reportage.

  • animal rights
  • education
  • environment/sustainability
  • food industry
  • gun violence
  • political shenanigans
  • religion
  • social justice

STIR loves to pay writers for articles of 1500 – 3500+ words. Feature-length pieces welcome! Payment starts at $250 per published essay. Email submissions to [email protected]
Read More

#5 The Bulletin

A Writer’s Magic and Inspiration By Michele Barrow-Belisle The Write Styles 7 Top-Paying Ideas to Write From Home
Read How Michele turned her fantasy novel into an upcoming Motion Picture!

The Bulletin is open to non-fiction article and column submissions that would be of interest to new and/or established writers of science fiction and fantasy. We are looking for a range of articles including, but not limited to: discussions of the genre publishing business (traditional and self-publishing); essays on the writing process and the reading experience; historical perspectives of our field; and scientific or historical material that might be of use in stories. In short, if you believe it would be beneficial to other writers, we’re interested in hearing about it.

Submissions via email to: [email protected]
10 US cents per word
500-3000 words (Serialization permitted.) Read More.

#6 The Writer

Freelance Jobs 7 Top-Paying Ideas to Write From Home
Click here for submission guidelines

The Writer is primarily to expand and support the work of professional and aspiring writers by presenting industry information, writing instruction, and professional and personal motivation. The Writer’s writers share experiences, ability, struggles, advice, successes and suggestions.

Writers are to submit query letters on concrete topics written by emerging and experienced writers in all genres. Topics of interest surround, ‘What can they learn to improve their writing or advance their careers? What how-to tips and strategies will accomplish this?’

Queries by e-mail to [email protected] Please include your name, phone number and a short bio. Read More

#7 This Magazine

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This Magazine welcomes queries. A good This Magazine article offers background and context to ongoing national issues, a challenge to the mainstream media perspective, or an important story that hasn’t been told elsewhere.

Subject matter includes politics, culture, the arts, social issues, labour, feminism, mental health, race/racism, Indigenous issues, and sexuality, with a focus on quality writing and in-depth reportage.
Hard-hitting, investigative reports exposing government cover-ups, corporate malfeasance, scientific myopia, or institutional fraud or hypocrisy.

  • Timely, people-oriented stories on issues such as the environment, education, labour, feminism, Indigenous affairs, the media, health care and cultural trends.
  • Provocative satire exposing blinkered thinking on the left or right; revealing media blind-spots, skewering trends in pop culture, business culture etc.
  • In-depth, service-driven pieces offering practical information not generally available in the mainstream media.
  • Literary journalism, essays and memoir, where strong narrative, unique voice and compelling subject matter are paramount.
  • Thoughtful, provocative articles that challenge conventional wisdom about issues of national importance. Read More

Contact: Lauren at [email protected] .ca.

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Having spent yesterday with Michele Barrow-Beslisle’s article for The Write Styles ~ Writer’s Magic and Inspiration, I am feeling so rejuvenated and inspired again! If you haven’t read it, be sure to do now. Her words will get you writing best-sellers in no time!

I trust that you find something truly inspiring here and that it will nurture your need to write for a living. I would love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Blessed Be and Keep Writing 😉



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