7 Vital Writing Points for Successful Marketing

Vital Writing Points for Successful Marketing

#1 Functional and Purposeful.

Have you ever returned to your car from a morning at a mall to find your windscreen looking as if someone was trying to wrap it? Now think to yourself, have you ever read any of those annoying flyers? Personally I don’t because I don’t believe in the principle of peeving people off through marketing. What further annoys me regarding this style of marketing is that it brings out the worst in the car owners too. They’re so frustrated at finding their cars in that state, most throw the flyers on the ground right there. Others drive out the mall with the flyers and then choose to empty their vehicle out along the road. It’s just wrong.

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The same goes for business cards… how many business cards have your received in your life time, and how many did you use? I think the only business cards that actually get kept and used are the business cards found in the medical realms and hair salons because they serve a purpose by having the appointment scheduled on them.

Deliver business cards via cell-phone, which is great for the environment, and for the receiver as he can simply save the card and thereby have all your details at his fingertips within seconds.

Your website is the perfect tool to keep people searching for you, provided you have it regularly updated with meaningful content. Fresh content is sharable content, keep your tips and guides fresh and indispensable.

If you are in a trade that needs brochures, then add something invaluable to the brochure? Electricians can have emergency numbers on their brochures, something useful that entices the recipient to keep your brochures.

Giveaways are also a brilliant way to market your company, but ensure it is something worth keeping that you’re giving and not some silly gimmick where the novelty soon wears off and once again the bin overflows.

Calendars always remain a favorite, and invariably people do use them to plan their year, know the school holidays, the lunar cycle and tide tables. Calendars always seem to serve a purpose and anybody can design them on a personal computer.

#2 Be Smart About Your Strategy

Marketing is not necessarily about keeping up with the Jones. I have met so many people wanting to market something purely because their competition uses the latest. It’s crazy, be yourself, represent only that of utter importance, thereby you are also saving time in development stages.Vital Marketing Strategies.

  • Logo’s must be eye-catching but must also be simple enough to use on all your marketing mediums, website, brochure, flyer, business card, giveaways, and any other interesting medium  of branding.
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  • Consider your budget and then consider your client’s inbox. Don’t print more than what is necessary, especially if you can post to your website, always keep functionality in mind. If your clients cannot use it, they most likely don’t want it.
  • Marketing is about the customer, not the author, so every completed medium of print  must serve the customer. Ensure that the material you are sending out is reaching primary customers, thereby meaning recipients that are wanting your information. Many large companies pay high salaries to many people to sit and design amazing marketing material that essentially serves no purpose other than to upscale the designer’s CV. Rather focus on presentations, well written articles, or ultimately any tips and guides that your customers can actually benefit from.

#3 It’s all about your customer.

There are no customers out there that are in any way intrigued by the superfluous details of your cv, your staff, or any other detail that does not directly concern them. What this means is that you should aim you marketing campaigns  directly at the needs of the customer.

Ensure the customer feels cared for by addressing their needs.

  • “Our trained staff members are here to advise you of the latest technology and respond to any questions you may have.”

By directly addressing the customer, you can maintain a one-on-one approach. As soon as you use jargon or vernacular speech, you loose your customer and end up once again only enriching your own CV. Keep the speech to day-to-day conversation and see your customer sitting opposite you when you write your next marketing material.

Double check the aim of all your material to ensure that it is targeting your customer.

Graphics: Ensure that the aim of each image and tag is to help your customer.

Grammar: Second person grammar, “Caring about you.” Customers must have no doubt that they are the reason that you are there.

A brilliant idea here is to include well tagged images, that will “indirectly” sell the results of your campaign by displaying the cause of your business. An example for a travel agent would be the idyllic carefree couple relaxing on beach loungers sipping cocktails, instead of an image of the travel agent sat smiling behind her desk at her office. Automatically the image implies what the travel agent can do for her customers.

The Write Styles Add Value to Customers

#4 Emphasize how the customer gains from you.

In #1 we covered marketing being solely for the benefit of the customer, in #3 we went even deeper into how to communicate your message to the customer, and now we will address the importance delivering the customers benefits in your target marketing approach.

Albeit that at practically every store we enter, we get inundated by staff attempting to make us feel “cared for”, signage that screams that every item on the shelves is especially designed to suit our needs. It doesn’t take much for every customer to realize that the business is there to sell as much stuff, suited or ill-suited to your needs to make a profit.

Therefore, I implore you to use the truth factor directed at your customer and very little else, such as:  “Ensure your computer is not susceptible to new viruses, our trained staff members are here to advise you of the latest technology and respond to any questions you may have.”

#5 First impressions last.

People take roughly 1/10th of a second to make their first impressions of other people, when judging websites their behavior is no different. It takes 0.05 seconds for a visitor to determine if they want to remain on your site or rather search further.

So what this means is everything must grab attention, with easy to navigate layout , easy on the eye colors, and your message of the benefits that you promise to deliver are clear and attractive

Essential points of focus:

  • Image that relays your message
  • One or two key words
  • The essence of the entire post is strong worded and captivating, albeit an email heading, a brochure headline, or a heading of your website – keep it all direct, powerful and sharp.
  • State the obvious facts in a fresh, fascinating style, “As you are well aware…”
  • Continuity. These points must flow through all your marketing mediums and maintain equal standard.

#6 Choose your words wisely.

So many business marketing strategies are enough to make me cringe. Have you watched some adverts and you find yourself asking, ”Why?” Why do so many companies think they have the right to expose us to their thoughtless bunkum and balderdash?

The Write Styles Power of Words

If you were to look at Entrepreneur’s “5 Worst Marketing Fails of 2015” article then it’s clear to see that choice of wording is essential in your marketing campaign.

Read your wording through different eyes and from all angles to ensure that there is no underlying ambiguity that can open your campaign to distasteful misinterpretation.

7# Time your publishing

Having completed your campaign, hold off on publishing for a minimum of 12 hours, then re-read your campaign through word for word. Before publishing, mailing or posting,  re-read the article out loud with fresh eyes while hearing how it actually sounds. Very often what fresh eyes and ears can do to your article is absolutely refreshing.

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