8 Websites that pay for your writing skills

Have you ever thought about being paid to travel? Well, this week offers writers one such opportunity! Here are 8 Websites that pay for your writing skills, but there are about 18 different paths to choose from! Enjoy and good luck!

8 Websites that pay

1 Big Grey Horse

They are a travel and destination website that accepts articles and reviews of Texas’ hotels, restaurants, and tourism in general. Posts up to 1,000 words and payment is up to $200 per post and include your photos. They prefer pitches as opposed to assignments. Read More. 

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2 Black Hair Media

They are wanting articles regarding hair and beauty articles, specifically regarding women of color. What is great here is they welcome you to submit as many articles as possible, and will give you links back to your site. Payment per post is between $25 and $45 via PayPal. [expired]

3 Great Escape Publishing

This incredible site focuses on content that teaches people how to get paid to travel through means of among other ideas, photography or writing . Payment is up to $200 per post with specific advice about earning while traveling. Read More.

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4 Lab Mice

Lab Mice is a free research site for IT professionals, and they have some great benefits in store for their writers. They are looking for  best practices, field notes, guidelines, how-to’s, lessons learned, technical explanations, white papers, written material, etc. about almost any It topic. They want “real world” documents, and not things that are easily found in any textbooks. Minimum word count is 1,000 for which they pay $0.25 per word. Read More.

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5 Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad has long been known as a trailblazing publication. They aim to create inspirational yet practical planning guides for cultural immersion travel, work, study, living, volunteering abroad and much more. Read More

Current Submission Needs
  • Working abroad: Teaching English abroad, internships, volunteering, short-term jobs, and international career.
  • Living abroad and long-term travel.
  • Studying and student travel abroad: Includes teen, college and post-graduate, language learning vacations, and adulteducational travel overseas.
  • Cultural travel: As described in the Travel Writer’s Guidelines below. We seek travel submissions that cover slow immersion travel, independent travel, budget travel, adventure travel, long-term travel, responsible/conscious, and other forms of educational travel as well as other types of travel that are in separate sections only for the sake of emphasis. See our featured articles to see our editorial bent in action.
  • Culinary Travel: Illustrated articles on cooking, markets, and culinary travel abroad. We are big advocates of the Slow Food movement and other local food/farm to table cooking, but are also interested in articles on the best local foods at all prices overseas.
  • Articles on internships, work, study, travel, and living in China and Southeast Asia.

Please see the writer’s guidelines for each section below for more information.

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6 Viator Travel Blog

Join their Writers database and fill in your geographic area of ability, they will then send you assignments that suit your qualifications. Payment is up to  $150. Read More.

7 Young and Global

Young and Global targets American youth, although they accept submissions from authors of any age and background.

Their main content pertains to:

  • Studying Abroad
  • Hosting an International Student
  • Traveling to Another Country
  • Foreign Language Immersion Camp
  • Studying / Speaking a Foreign Language
  • Living Overseas as an Expatriate
  • Studying in an International School / For an IB Diploma
  • Volunteering for a Global Service Project [expired]

8 Web Loggerz

They are wanting your pitches for WordPress related articles. Articles are over 1,200 words for which you receive up to $100. Read More. 

9 The Write Styles

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Wishing you a great week ahead with these 8 Websites that pay for your writing skills! Do feel free to contact me with your ideas, or to give feedback on any of the jobs that may have worked out well for you!

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