Attila Blága Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot

Hello and welcome back to the Write Styles where Attila Blága Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot.  Attila, welcome to the Write Styles and thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot Attila Blága Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot

TWS: I understand that you have written poetry and you have even written some Sci-Fi too, would you care to give some background there?

Attila: Before we get started, please let me thank you for giving me this opportunity to present my work. Now, coming to your question, since I was a child I had artistical interests. I was drawing and painting, I had a journal and because my mom was a teacher and she had a typewriter, I wanted to have a typewriter myself!

Back then and in the dictatorial regime I have lived, all typewriters must have been registered to avoid typing manifestos. However, my mom managed to get me a typewriter, and I started writing short stories and poems. I started writing a novel or two but never finished any. As a teenager, singing in a garage band proved to be more attractive.

TWS: You are now coming from a somewhat controversial path… The Tarot! Could you explain what attracted you to the Tarot?

Attila: I have to confess something else first. I am Hungarian nationality, born and raised in Romania under a very strict dictatorial regime. In the school, I have only learned some Latin and ten years of Russian. I was quite reticent mainly because of political considerations, although I am the first to admit that the Russian culture is massive and impressive.

I have learned English listening to my mom’s vinyl records, singing along and translating the lyrics word by word. Later I have read Shakespeare and Hemingway in bilingual editions.

Then I started studying the Bible.  I read it in three different languages and several different translations. Another important factor was the blogging. I had several blogs, at first in Romanian, then also in English and I have written tons of articles. These experiences all contributed to my development.

Regarding the Tarot, I started studying at the beginning of the ’90s and it was constantly an important aspect of my life. I have begun with Eliphas Levi, Hajo Banzhaf, and Aleister Crowley.

The Tarot is the key to the entire esoteric system. It is a very complex instrument. You can learn a lot about yourself and a lot about the Universe.

Unfortunately, people have, generally speaking, a very unrealistic idea of what the Tarot is. On the other hand, I am still concerned that my English is not good enough and sometimes people might misunderstand me.

How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot
The Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck
TWS: I understand that you have just released your first copies of The Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck! Congratulations and we wish you the best there! How long did it take you to design those incredible cards and write the accompanying guidebook?

Attila: The design part was easy. Previously I have worked as art director and graphic designer for several companies. I have a quite consistent experience in desktop publishing (DTP), and as I mentioned, I had drawn and painted since very young age, it was a period in my life when I had lived exclusively from selling my paintings, so, the design part was easy.

There is one thing I have to confess. In my opinion, art is misleading, most of the artists who created or have been commissioned to create Tarot decks, are lacking esoteric knowledge and understanding.

This is one of the main reasons why I have created a very technical, strip down to the basic esoteric symbols Tarot deck. What really took time was the research and study.

Practically, I have worked more than twenty-five years to put all the pieces together and get to this point. The accompanying book is a short, summarised version of my entire work. I plan to publish it separately, and it will consist of three extra large volumes of work dealing with esotericism.

Tarot is built upon basic esoteric notions, principles and laws, and its foundation is Astrology and Numerology. These two esoteric sciences are also the foundation for Alchemy and Kabbalah, and subsequently creates the link between all these branches of esoteric sciences. For me, it was very important, the ‘meeting’ with P.D. Ouspensky and the discovery of the teachings of G.I Gurdjieff. Including ‘The Fourth Way’, was crucial to understanding both Tarot and human nature.

Attila Blaga Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot
The Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck
TWS: In terms of transformation, how do you think writers could benefit from the Tarot?

Attila: Tarot is an instrument of self-observation, self-remembering, and self-development. Knowing yourself will help you understand why you do some things, respectively why others act in a particular manner respectively mechanically.

Gurdjieff explained that we are living exposed to accidents and Tarot can be a useful instrument to prevent that and start doing things. Anybody who intends to do something may benefit from Tarot. You can formulate a clear goal and Tarot will help you to remember that goal and also can guide you to make the right decisions during the process.

How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot
The Winning Wish

Attila Blága Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot

TWS: I often hear of writers complaining of writer’s block or trying to pin down their novels. Do you believe it takes years of practice to master the Tarot or do you believe that any striving writer would be able to use the Tarot to benefit their writing skills?

Attila: I don’t think someone will ever master the Tarot. Each day for the last twenty-so years I discover something new, I understand some aspect that I previously oversaw. When someone thinks that knows enough, generally it means she or he does not understand a thing. I still have so much to learn.

TWS: Would you describe how the Tarot has benefitted your career?

Attila: I do not read for myself, respectively extremely rarely. Definitively I would take better decisions in some matters if I would listen to what my inner voice says, respectively if I would read for myself regularly.

It is always much easier to advise and support others, then be truly objective regarding yourself. However, I learned to be detached, and in the last couple of years in important matters, I consult the cards.

How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot
The Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck
TWS: Can we expect another deck from you or do you have other extraordinary plans?

Attila: Maybe I have some plans, but these are just plans, for now, so, I prefer not to talk about them. On the other hand, I have designed a couple of games based on Tarot, and I intend to bring those games to life.

I have a board game design and a tabletop game, both based on Tarot. They are both entertaining, but also may help someone to learn and understand the Tarot, and can be used for cast predictions.

TWS: Lastly, what mantra or one piece of advice do you essentially live by on a daily basis that you could share with our readers?

Attila: Think for yourself. Don’t take anything for granted. Many things we consider ‘facts’ are false and constitute a false reality around us. Check and re-check, think. It is essential not to learn and memorize mechanically ‘facts’, but to understand what they are and why they are, respectively how they work.

Someone may memorize that one plus one equals five, but what makes the difference is to understand what one means and why one plus one equals two in this, and for that matter, most probably in any other dimension.

TWS: Thank you for your time.

Attila: I thank you and wish you all the best!

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