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14 Amazing Master Writing Jobs

Hello and Welcome back to The Write Styles where today I give you 14 Amazing Master Writing Jobs! What better way to start a week than with 14 new opportunities? 🙂 Amazing Master Writing Jobs

14 Amazing Master Writing Jobs


Plus One is now an Optum company, known internally as Optum On-Site Services. On-Site Services ignites employee activation in health ownership and drives engagement in health and wellness programs.

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We are a purpose-driven organization with a vision to create a stronger, healthier world. You’ll be working with members of our editorial team and our social team who are focused on wellness content and lifestyle content around specific conditions.

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Koreaboo is looking for a smart, organized, creative writer who can quickly create original content from assigned source materials. This person will primarily be writing articles for our website, from a stream of pitches approved by our editorial team.

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Ballotpedia exists to preserve and expand knowledge by building the Encyclopedia of American Politics. We build that encyclopedia by researching and writing about our areas of coverage, generating an unbiased resource for scholars, journalists, and interested citizens

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Animalz is a content marketing agency that strives to create the best content on the web.Our focus is on written content that helps companies educate and inform their audiences on strategies and tactics for being successful in their work. We’re looking for people who write clearly, concisely and in an organized way.

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Online Course Marketing


Neo4j, Inc. is possibly the nerdiest place in the world to work. Not in a dungeons-and-dragons sense, but in the sense that we all exhibit the stereotypical traits of the oddball sitting in the back of class who didn’t pay any attention because he or she was too busy calculating the solution to cold fusion, mapping out how to build the next Google business empire, or – in your case – writing the next great American novel (or something of the sort).

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SuperSummary is an online resource that is committed to helping you get the most out of the books that you’re reading. So whether you’re a student preparing for class or a recreational reader looking to expand your understanding, you will find everything and more in our comprehensive study guides.

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Through a comprehensive evaluation of your needs and strategic objectives, we are able to engage the right services to ensure you are on course for success, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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UberSignal is an industry leader in the field of cell phone signal boosters, also known as cellular repeaters or passive DAS, which are solutions that solve the problem of weak cell phone signal in homes, businesses and vehicles. Amazing Master Writing Jobs
Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Course

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We are looking for the right person to join our team for the position of Blogger/Writer. This is a part-time position for someone who can work on site in our DC office or work remotely.

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Entertainment Daily’s continued growth means we are now looking for an experienced writer with a love of daytime television, particularly SOAPS to join our team as a regular freelance or full-time writer/editor.

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ITUTOR is an online supplemental education company. We work with school districts and parents across the country to provide K-12 home bound instruction, credit recovery and test preparation through our online platform.

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We’re looking for a writer who is passionate about history, music, science and pop culture to join Zenjoy. You will be creating content for Zenjoy’s game.

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We are currently only looking for dads who can write in the first person while applying their own experiences to funny topics, educational pieces, and general parenting stories.

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The Ultimate Marketing and Management Course

I trust that these jobs will suite your needs.  I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did working on it! If you missed my previous article, don’t forget to go check out 10 Perfect Remote Writing Jobs.

Blessed Be

Julia xx