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Welcome to the fine print of The Write Styles.

Yes, the disclaimer page explains all the ins-and-outs, however if you have read through all and find yourself even more curious, then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

I began The Write Styles to help writers get ahead. Why? Well, because I was once a writer trying to get ahead and I wasted hours and hours searching for the bucket at the end of the rainbow that never quite existed.

That said, in order for me to bring you all the latest jobs, latest tips, and latest insights, I had to work really hard to gain the trust of many leading sites. However, having done so I have become affiliated to these companies.

Therefore by using some of these links which I have provided for you, you in turn are helping me to help more people. It’s basically a principle of one hand washing the next.


I would like to stress to you that I am here to assist you. The Write Styles, as mentioned throughout the site, is not a get-rich-quick site, but rather the site where you can find a job and apply all you know to doing that job to the best of your ability, then be rewarded accordingly. The links to jobs and advice that I share is purely a guide line for you, but the work itself is up to you. Only you can determine your success rate.

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I do wish for you to implement the guide lines that I research for your convenience, just as I wish you absolute success in your writing career. Always remember that ultimately your success lies within your own hands.

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