Explore New Reasons to Carry On Writing

When times are tough, explore new reasons to carry on writing…

It’s not always sunshine and roses being a writer, and often we allow circumstances to get the better  of us. I want to you to join me as we explore some new reasons to carry on writing. You love your career. I am so grateful that somehow at some point, and entirely by Divine Intervention, the idea of creating my online business, The Write Styles, finally dawned on me and was a turning point in my life for which I am so grateful, and I am confident that you share my passion, but I also believe that you also have your moments of wanting to quit.

Sure, I get asked by family and friends, “But Sancheo, are you making money?” I am sure many of you are often faced with the same question. How do you answer? Do you allow people to get you down with their superfluous line of questioning? Or have you ever thought that perhaps their questioning is not even about you as a writer, but rather could be a projection that they too have their desire to share knowledge. “Ah, when I was your age…” “What you should do…”

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As a writer, you have the perfect opportunity to smile with a sense of knowing. You have become that which others are inwardly striving for, and are very often subjecting people to. Except you are not superfluous, no, people actually seek your story regarding what they should do. They use search engines to find your knowledge and wisdom,  and they are normally very eager to pay you a substantial amount of money for your words.

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The joys of being a nine-to-fiver

Nevertheless, let’s entertain this idea even further and have a look at some of the answers when we ask the nine-to-fivers about their day in the office! “I despise my office. My colleagues are the worst! I despise being stuck in traffic daily, especially with the cost of fuel. My boss is a total idiot, he doesn’t have the slightest clue of what is going on. My boss doesn’t understand me. I need a raise. I can’t wait for retirement. The list is rather endless.

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Doesn’t this whole concept just fill your mind with exactly how empowering you are as a writer? Sure, once in a while finances may  well make things seem tough, but those are also the times which drive writers to think, “who else can I reach out to?” “What else can I improve on.”

The wonderful thing about writers are that they are always writing, sharing and caring, which translates to writers will never be alone. There will always be guidance and wisdom for you. Somewhere some writer has left the perfect breadcrumb to see you through to your next way-point. If you keep your eye focused on your goal, you can only reach your it!

Essentially, the more people we reach out to, the larger the audience to whom we serve our purpose the larger will be our reward!

So when you are feeling rather ‘financially strained’ then here are some notions well worth considering:

    • Be grateful for your skill, your talent and your gift.
      • Not everybody can do what you do. So be the best at it.
      • By focusing on being the best, and being grateful, this will show in your quality of work.
    • Reconsider your purpose.
      • You write to enlighten others.
      • Ask yourself what their needs are and write about that.
      • Research
      • Update and keep with recent trends.
      • Ensure your work is relevant.
    • Forget passive.
      • Ensure you write to your audience about your audience
      • Triple check that you eradicate passive out your copy.
    • Ask who else you can serve.
      • If Joe likes mountain biking, maybe he could be interested in camping too?
      • Google Trends offers a wonderful means of defining your audience’s needs and desires.
      • Use your Social Media and search for groups.
    • Comment, guest-blog, and have fun!
      • You have no idea who may just respond to you! (But this is a whole article that I will be sharing with you soon!

We all have our story to tell, but not all persons are born writers, so use your gift to add that essential crux to others, and your rewards will follow. Remind yourself constantly of your gifts and talents because there lies the truth. You are a writer and thereby a creator, so use your words wisely!

Keep Writing and Blessed Be,


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