Mind Mapping to Overcome Writer’s Block.

Bursting to share your story?

Now that you have before you the perfect opportunity to find a job, you narrow the opportunities down to that one job that  you feel suits your writing style the most, you immerse yourself into the job, right?

Sometimes, but not always! You may agree that as a writer you often tend to have ‘that day’ when the mere idea of writing can leave you feeling totally overwhelmed about where to begin!

The keyboard lies in front of you seeming far more intimidating than inviting, and the screen before you glares blankly back at you. It is very often a very disconcerting feeling that I would not wish upon any writer, so I have decided to share my mind map with you, and I do trust that it will help you.

Mind Map.

Mind Map at The Write Style.
Download this mind map to help you organize your works.

Mind Maps share four essential characteristics:

  • Branches have a key image or word.
  • Central image portrays the main idea or focus point
  • Main themes  stem from the core.
  • Secondary ideas sprout as twigs from branches.

Why use a Mind Map?

Our brain is the most sophisticated computer. It holds so much information, consciously and sub-consciously, that very often we actually don’t realize what all we do know, but neither do we realize what it is that we don’t know, and need to research. This is why mind mapping is a brilliant tool. It puts things in perspective and guides us, not much differently to how a city map would, closer toward our goal.

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What other tools do you use when you’re facing writer’s block?

Feel free to leave your comments or contact me about those niggling time wasters that you find overwhelming in your writing career because so often it’s those small things that prevent us from achieving our goals. As always, keep writing!

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