Polish Author, Piotr Mierzejewski Shares a Sneak Preview

Polish author, Piotr Mierzejewski shares a sneak preview of Younique Solutions!

Polish author of four exciting novellas, Piotr Mierzejewski now resides in Dunedin, New Zealand where he has used his Masters in Social and Community Work to not only change his own life, but by launching Younique Solutions, Piotr (pronounced as Peter) aims to change the lives of many for the better.

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Life, with all its ups and downs, is an interesting journey. Some have it easier than others and visa versa, but all would agree that life can teach you, if you are willing, to embrace its lessons. Life is also full of opportunities and it is up to us to take them up or ignore them.

First off, what is this “opportunity” I speak of? If you search the definition via Google, it’ll come up with this . . .


a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.”increased opportunities for export”
synonyms: chance, lucky chance, good time, golden opportunity, time, occasion,moment, favourable time/occasion/moment, right set of circumstances,appropriate time/occasion/moment, suitable time/occasion/moment,opportune time/occasion/moment, opening, option, window (of opportunity), slot, turn, go, (clear) run, field day;
◦ a chance for employment or promotion.”career opportunities in our New York headquarters”

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Piotr Mierzejewski

For me, that opportunity came at five o’clock on 31 December 2015, when I officially finished with my last workplace after being with the company about from the beginning. Did I have another job lined up straight after? Nope, nada, not at all. Before you start wondering if I had applied for new jobs, I had been for over two months and I still am actually, but more about that in a bit.

I bet you’re wondering where “opportunity” fits into finishing up on one job and having nothing to look forward to, except unemployment? Allow me tell you.

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Google defines Opportunity

Opportunity is realizing that I am finally where I need to take flight with all the skills that I have garnered over the last two decades; from my life and work experiences, the people who had come and gone (or have remained to this day), to my qualifications. For the first time in a very long time I have taken ownership of what I have learned and obtained, and realized that I have something worth sharing with the universe at large. So in a way those prospective employers who had said to me that I had a pretty impressive set of skills, and that I came across perfectly over the phone, were spot on. The fact that they chose to go with someone else is beside the point, they went with the person whom they felt fit in with them.

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Or, as a certain someone special likes to point out to me: “Their loss, our gain.” And rightly so.

Piotr Mierzejewski shares peek views of Younique Solutions with The Write Styles
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These skills, knowledge and ability to come across professionally are themselves the necessary tools needed to go forward; essentially opportunities that will spawn more opportunities. All we need is to want them to have them to happen, and the motivation to do so.

If anything, I am motivated and have the time. So what to do, what to do? Easy, why not set up a business.

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In this blog, I intend to share my journey in not only self employment, but creating opportunities for myself and others. So please, kick back and relax and come join me on this journey.

Contact Piotr Mierzejewski at [email protected] or at Younique Solutions

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