5 Ideas to Publish your work

You have written your book, but now to publish your work is the next step. Here are some options to assist you.

Thanking you for all the many emails that I have received from people who have written books. It seems that for most new authors where to publish your work seems almost as daunting as writing it. Publication is not entirely my forte, but my daughter, Julia, recently wrote her book, so I will share some of my findings here with you and then continue to post more ideas as I go. Good Luck!

(Please note that this list has since been updated at 14 Top Paying Ideas for Short Story Publishers.)

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#1 Abuzz Press

Abuzz Press offers Fast and Free Book Publication Plus Distribution and  Print and Electronic Titles. They take on the financial risk and agree to pay the design and publication fees including the interior formatting assistance, professional cover design, the ISBN and bar code, printer setup and all other costs involved in preparation for distribution, and you agree to take the reins on book promotion.  Read More.

Microsoft Press publish your work at The Write Styles

#2 BookLocker.com

BookLocker is offering publishing packages for any budget.

  • At-Your-Service Program – send in manuscript as MS Word, and your own cover at no extra cost or order original cover design. Payment plans are available.
  • Expedited Program – At Your Service Program assistance within 2 weeks. Once book leaves the U.S. they and the author are at mercy of foreign shipping services.
  • D.I.Y *No setup or formatting fees. It is the author’s responsibility to provide a professional, pre-formatted, ready-to-print interior and cover PDF file as per BookLocker’s specifications, which the author receives.
  • Color-Interior Publishing BookLocker also publish children’s books and illustrated novels. Read More on Pricing.
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#3 Amazon Kindle Publishing

You can publish with Kindle Direct Publishing independently and thereby reach millions of readers. Publishing  with Amazon Kindle Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and your book will appear on all Kindle stores world-wide within a day or two. Amazon Kindle thereby allows you to make more money as you earn up to 70% royalty on  sales, while you keep control of your rights. You decide your own price lists and you can make changes to your books at any time. Read More

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#4 Kindle Self Publishing Revolution

This course offers the most in-depth proven methods and strategies to build a long-term profitable, sustainable  passive income stream with self publishing.

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#5 Kindle Scout

Authors thrive with options. In addition to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amazon offers Kindle Scout, a reader-powered publishing program for never-before-published English-language books of 50,000 words or more in the following genres: romance, mystery & thriller, science fiction & fantasy, teen & young adult, and general literature & fiction. Check out the Kindle Scout Eligibility & Content Guidelines for more information, then jump-start your book and potentially earn a publishing contract from Kindle Press–in 45 days or less. Read More.

What else can you do after you publish your work?

SHOUT my Book

SHOUT my Book offer to promote your book on their social media platforms whereby they strive to live up to their slogan of “Boost your Book with the Power of Social Media Promotion.”

Begin Your Own Self Publication Business!

Create Your Own Online Business - Publish Your Work with The Write Styles
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I trust you are now feeling energized and  inspired to get your book published! Remember to leave comments or email me any places that you feel could be added to this list, I will most definitely be updating this list with more findings so remember to check back here often. Do feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have and I will see what I can do for you too!
Pearson Education (InformIT) Publish Your Work with The Write Styles
Blessed Be and as always, Keep Writing!


Please note that this list has since been updated at 14 Top Paying Ideas for Short Story Publishers.


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