5 Freelance Writing Money Generators

5 Ideas to turn your freelance career into a money generator.

Here are todays freelance jobs for you, I am sure you will agree that there are some real money generators here!  Be sure to read Penny Hoarder, they will offer up to $800 for bonus views! Well, good luck and keep writing!

#1 DesertUSA

DesertUSA.com is an Internet-based, regional publication, focusing on travel, wildlife, geology, desert lore, cultural and natural history related to the North American Desert regions. The first issue of DesertUSA3com ,October 1, 1997,  has received an overwhelming positive response.

Payment: $50 – 100

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#2 Funny Times

Our print publication pokes fun at politics, news, relationships, food, technology, pets, work, death, environmental issues, business, religion (yes, even religion) and the human condition in general. Not much is off-limits, so do your best to make us laugh. Plus we’re advertising free, so whatever we like, we use.

Hard-copy cartoons  printouts of high-res images (please don’t send your originals … we’re awfully clumsy with our coffee). We accept both single and multi-panel formats, color and black & white, though reproduction is nearly always in black and white.

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#3 Graphic Mania

Do you have a very strong love and passion for design and writing design related tutorials? Then, this is the time and the place to let the creative monster inside you to go and spread the word for thousands and thousands of Graphic Mania visitors.

Graphic Mania is looking for designers and tutorial writers to contribute with tutorial articles and graphic resources. However, it is always a good idea to check the site and see the type of articles we interest in.

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#4 The Penny Hoarder

They are looking for freelance writers that have fun, unique ideas for earning, saving or investing money! They need your personal experiences, especially if you are keen to share detailed numbers, strategies and advice. Contact [email protected]

Payment: $75 with bonus per view up to $800 or links to your sites.

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Share your knowledge
Guest Blog at The Write Styles

#5 Legit Writing Jobs

They guarantee to help you build a career that let’s you work flexible hours, allows you to choose your topics, write for blogs, ebooks, magazines and earn a great income doing what you love.

They offer part and full-time job listings, offer tips to improve your writing ability, and bonus training guidebooks.

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#6 Guest Blog for Us

Do you have a story to share? Our readers would love to hear your writing experiences. Share your knowledge and showcase your work at The Write Styles! I would love to publish your story.

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Well, that’s it for today, but I’m confident these jobs have you  well inspired to continue until I post again! Remember to subscribe to have the next list delivered straight to your inbox.

Blessed Be and Keep Writing!


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