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10 Top Companies Offering Freelance Writing Jobs

Hello and welcome back to the Write Styles where today I give you 10 Top Companies Offering Freelance Writing Jobs! I am sure that these jobs will keep you busy and motivated this weekend 🙂

The Write Styles10 Top Companies Offering Freelance Writing Jobs


Perfumes 4 U is a family owned and operated perfume retail company that has been in business since 2001. Our team is looking for a remote, part-time Blogger to generate engaging, original content for our website and blog. The Blogger will research topics and develop exciting posts that will appeal to our target audience and promote the blog using social media, direct email, and other methods to alert and expand our readership.

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With five JCAHO-accredited facilities in New Jersey, Florida and California, Ambrosia Treatment Center has helped over 10,000 people recover from alcohol and other drugs. By combining the latest advancements in addiction medicine with concierge clinical care, lives are healed and families are restored. Ambrosia Treatment Center is in search of talented journalism/communications students who are interested in a freelance, strategic business writing position.

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The Write Styles
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Marts & Lundy, one of the nation’s leading philanthropy and fundraising consulting firms, is seeking a part-time Affiliate Writer to join our team. Our goals are ambitious—we try to help each of our clients reach and sustain their philanthropic potential and thereby fulfill their missions

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Love the content that you read on Mantelligence, and want to contribute? Great, because we’re always looking for great writers (with or without experience) to contribute to the site! We love writers with a friendly/relatable voice, who are concise while still being clear/easy to understand, and who are able to easily sell the value of an idea/product.

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The Write Styles
Do You Use Social Media? Turn Your Skills Into Extra Cash


631Marketing is a New York-based digital marketing agency. We are looking for an experienced content writer and editor with a proven track record. This is part-time at first but will turn into a full-time position if it’s a mutual fit.

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Are you an information security expert with some free time and a passion for teaching? Null Byte is the largest white hat hacker community for beginners. We’re searching for InfoSec experts to write tutorials and expand our coverage in new and exciting directions.

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Free Tactical Strike Pen


Fired Up Digital is a DC and Cambridge-based digital marketing agency with staff members in the US and Europe working for clients selling in the US helping them sell their products and services. We specialize in digital marketing with our big focus serving small and medium businesses. But we need your help. We’re looking for a writer who can work with the client to develop content for their business with guidance from the CEO.

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Davis Wright Tremaine’s family business practice group is looking for a content writer to aid in creating weekly content to post on its Family Business Resource Center. We are seeking a law student to write content for the family business resource center to then be reviewed and edited by attorneys in the group before posting.

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The Winning Wish
The Winning Wish


Plus One is now an Optum company, known internally as Optum On-Site Services. On-Site Services ignites employee activation in health ownership and drives engagement in health and wellness programs. We are currently seeking a full-time Copywriter/Proofreader to work out of our Corporate Headquarters office located in lower Manhattan in New York City, but the position is flexible to maintain a remote working arrangement via telecommuting.

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Designed exclusively for busy fathers over 40 who
want to destroy stubborn belly fat, build lean muscle,
and get healthy for the second half of life. We are searching for an organized and accurate individual with experience in writing content for fitness blogs, magazines, newspapers or the like, to serve as a technical content writer for our fast-growing fitness company.

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I trust that these jobs will suit your needs. If you missed my last article, don’t forget to check out where I Reunite with the Magical Bestselling Author Michele Barrow-Belisle.

Blessed Be

Julia xx

16 Amazing New Work From Home Writing Jobs

Hello and welcome back to the Write Styles where today I give you 16 Amazing New Work From Home Writing Jobs!  If you missed last weeks article, do not forget to check out how Attila Blága Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot.

16 Amazing New Work From Home Writing Jobs16 Amazing New Work From Home Writing Jobs


Are you an entertainment junkie who’s obsessed with the Kardashians, Meghan Markle, and Chrissy Teigen’s tweets? Do you know the name of every Kylie Jenner lip kit and dream about Selena Gomez’s relationship with Justin Bieber in your sleep? Then Elite Daily’s celebrity writer position is for you. Writers should have extensive knowledge of celebrity culture, strong news judgment, a fun and witty voice, and the ability to write quickly and cleanly.

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Seeking a freelance copywriter to help bring to life our brand voice with clear, consistent and engaging messaging.

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We work with parents, educators, and local leaders to make sure our region’s children have the learning opportunities they need to succeed.

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Kindred Bravely is an online clothing retailer for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. We are a fast-growing team based all over the world. The perfect candidate for this job is a self-starter that LOVES copywriting, is a great storyteller, a grammar guru, and has experience with managing other writers or project management skills.

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The Write Styles
How To Improve Eyesight Naturally


We’re an independent owned company with a rich heritage and a bold entrepreneurial mission. If you’re excited by the thought of helping people and organizations go from new ideas to life-changing innovations faster, we’re excited to consider you for a position at Clarivate.

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Bython Media is a digital media and marketing agency focused on information technology. We are currently hiring multiple technical SEO writers who have a deep understanding of and proficiency in writing in the following categories: marketing, finance, human resources, media, and information technology.

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We are looking for people all over the world to work for us as freelance Travel Writers. You do not need to be traveling – you can write travel guides about the place you live. We have various levels of pay-per-article and the sign-up process is very simple.

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We need a writer capable of creating short, powerful content that connects with people. Your words will be the voice of Beat Fever and touch the lives of millions.

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WestEd is committed to the belief that all students should succeed in our schools and that all learners — from infants to adults — should thrive in our communities, despite the circumstances they were born into.

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We are your ultimate career portal offering career advancement services such as Professional Resume Writing Services, Social Media Branding, Cover Letter Services, and Interview Coaching. Will train and mentor.

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Offering Freelance Writing Jobs at the Write Styles
Writing Jobs Online


Are you an independent technical writer with your own clients but are looking for regular work from an agency that you can bank on? Let’s talk. We are a small shop that often needs to get big in a hurry. That’s where you come in. We need experienced technical writers that can step in and help us generate content outside of our standard expertise or when we need some extra muscle.

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We are seeking several Freelance Copywriters to help us write copy for hundreds of landing pages, blog posts, and press releases. This is not a full-time role, and will be project-based and freelance only. You will mostly work remotely, and on occasion come by the Handy office or participate in video chats for periodic check ins.

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16 Amazing New Work From Home Writing Jobs

The Write Styles


Based in San Francisco, FILMLESS is a network of extremely talented producers, video editors, voice over artists, cinematographers, writers, graphic artists, and on-screen talent
who specialize in bringing ideas to life.

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Write fresh content based on research and brainstorming or by self-education then by following instructions provided for each type of document. Ensure that web page content is edited properly and matches company tone to increase on-screen readability.

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Sun Life Family Health Center is a not-for-profit federally qualified health center located in Arizona’s golden corridor. Our employees truly care about our patients, the organization, our fellow employees, as well as our community.

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Fashion Shopr are looking for bright, motivated people interested in Fashion & Accessories to join our team of freelance writers and social media marketers. Beauty Shopr are looking for bright, motivated people interested in Beauty to join our team of freelance writers and social media marketers. Sports & Fitness Shopr are looking for bright, motivated people interested in Sports & Fitness to join our team of freelance writers and social media marketers. No experience necessary, full training & support for beginners!

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How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot
The Winning Wish

I trust that these jobs will suit your needs. Don’t forget to check out Guest Blog For Us.

Blessed Be,

Julia xx

Attila Blága Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot

Hello and welcome back to the Write Styles where Attila Blága Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot.  Attila, welcome to the Write Styles and thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

http://www.thewritestyles.com/How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot Attila Blága Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot

TWS: I understand that you have written poetry and you have even written some Sci-Fi too, would you care to give some background there?

Attila: Before we get started, please let me thank you for giving me this opportunity to present my work. Now, coming to your question, since I was a child I had artistical interests. I was drawing and painting, I had a journal and because my mom was a teacher and she had a typewriter, I wanted to have a typewriter myself!

Back then and in the dictatorial regime I have lived, all typewriters must have been registered to avoid typing manifestos. However, my mom managed to get me a typewriter, and I started writing short stories and poems. I started writing a novel or two but never finished any. As a teenager, singing in a garage band proved to be more attractive.

TWS: You are now coming from a somewhat controversial path… The Tarot! Could you explain what attracted you to the Tarot?

Attila: I have to confess something else first. I am Hungarian nationality, born and raised in Romania under a very strict dictatorial regime. In the school, I have only learned some Latin and ten years of Russian. I was quite reticent mainly because of political considerations, although I am the first to admit that the Russian culture is massive and impressive.

I have learned English listening to my mom’s vinyl records, singing along and translating the lyrics word by word. Later I have read Shakespeare and Hemingway in bilingual editions.

Then I started studying the Bible.  I read it in three different languages and several different translations. Another important factor was the blogging. I had several blogs, at first in Romanian, then also in English and I have written tons of articles. These experiences all contributed to my development.

Regarding the Tarot, I started studying at the beginning of the ’90s and it was constantly an important aspect of my life. I have begun with Eliphas Levi, Hajo Banzhaf, and Aleister Crowley.

The Tarot is the key to the entire esoteric system. It is a very complex instrument. You can learn a lot about yourself and a lot about the Universe.

Unfortunately, people have, generally speaking, a very unrealistic idea of what the Tarot is. On the other hand, I am still concerned that my English is not good enough and sometimes people might misunderstand me.

How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot
The Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck
TWS: I understand that you have just released your first copies of The Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck! Congratulations and we wish you the best there! How long did it take you to design those incredible cards and write the accompanying guidebook?

Attila: The design part was easy. Previously I have worked as art director and graphic designer for several companies. I have a quite consistent experience in desktop publishing (DTP), and as I mentioned, I had drawn and painted since very young age, it was a period in my life when I had lived exclusively from selling my paintings, so, the design part was easy.

There is one thing I have to confess. In my opinion, art is misleading, most of the artists who created or have been commissioned to create Tarot decks, are lacking esoteric knowledge and understanding.

This is one of the main reasons why I have created a very technical, strip down to the basic esoteric symbols Tarot deck. What really took time was the research and study.

Practically, I have worked more than twenty-five years to put all the pieces together and get to this point. The accompanying book is a short, summarised version of my entire work. I plan to publish it separately, and it will consist of three extra large volumes of work dealing with esotericism.

Tarot is built upon basic esoteric notions, principles and laws, and its foundation is Astrology and Numerology. These two esoteric sciences are also the foundation for Alchemy and Kabbalah, and subsequently creates the link between all these branches of esoteric sciences. For me, it was very important, the ‘meeting’ with P.D. Ouspensky and the discovery of the teachings of G.I Gurdjieff. Including ‘The Fourth Way’, was crucial to understanding both Tarot and human nature.

Attila Blaga Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot
The Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck
TWS: In terms of transformation, how do you think writers could benefit from the Tarot?

Attila: Tarot is an instrument of self-observation, self-remembering, and self-development. Knowing yourself will help you understand why you do some things, respectively why others act in a particular manner respectively mechanically.

Gurdjieff explained that we are living exposed to accidents and Tarot can be a useful instrument to prevent that and start doing things. Anybody who intends to do something may benefit from Tarot. You can formulate a clear goal and Tarot will help you to remember that goal and also can guide you to make the right decisions during the process.

How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot
The Winning Wish

Attila Blága Shares How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot

TWS: I often hear of writers complaining of writer’s block or trying to pin down their novels. Do you believe it takes years of practice to master the Tarot or do you believe that any striving writer would be able to use the Tarot to benefit their writing skills?

Attila: I don’t think someone will ever master the Tarot. Each day for the last twenty-so years I discover something new, I understand some aspect that I previously oversaw. When someone thinks that knows enough, generally it means she or he does not understand a thing. I still have so much to learn.

TWS: Would you describe how the Tarot has benefitted your career?

Attila: I do not read for myself, respectively extremely rarely. Definitively I would take better decisions in some matters if I would listen to what my inner voice says, respectively if I would read for myself regularly.

It is always much easier to advise and support others, then be truly objective regarding yourself. However, I learned to be detached, and in the last couple of years in important matters, I consult the cards.

How Writers Can Benefit From the Magic of Tarot
The Unified Esoteric Tarot Deck
TWS: Can we expect another deck from you or do you have other extraordinary plans?

Attila: Maybe I have some plans, but these are just plans, for now, so, I prefer not to talk about them. On the other hand, I have designed a couple of games based on Tarot, and I intend to bring those games to life.

I have a board game design and a tabletop game, both based on Tarot. They are both entertaining, but also may help someone to learn and understand the Tarot, and can be used for cast predictions.

TWS: Lastly, what mantra or one piece of advice do you essentially live by on a daily basis that you could share with our readers?

Attila: Think for yourself. Don’t take anything for granted. Many things we consider ‘facts’ are false and constitute a false reality around us. Check and re-check, think. It is essential not to learn and memorize mechanically ‘facts’, but to understand what they are and why they are, respectively how they work.

Someone may memorize that one plus one equals five, but what makes the difference is to understand what one means and why one plus one equals two in this, and for that matter, most probably in any other dimension.

TWS: Thank you for your time.

Attila: I thank you and wish you all the best!

If you missed my last article, don’t forget to check out my last article 14 Amazing Master Writing Jobs.

Julia xx

The Write Styles

13 Great New Work From Home Writing Jobs

I trust you have had a Merry Christmas and to celebrate, here is your little 2018 present, 13 Great New Work From Home Writing Jobs! What better way to start your 2018 than 13 new writing opportunities? 🙂

13 Great New Writing Opportunities 13 Great New Work From Home Writing Opportunities


We are looking for an experienced advertising copywriter with a strong background in paid search marketing. You should have at least 3 years of experience optimizing paid search ads with a large budget across multiple verticals. Understanding of direct response marketing is a plus.

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Salute Magazine is on the hunt for emerging style and beauty voices in the Miami area. We are looking for those with a strong working knowledge of women’s, men’s and streetwear styles. The perfect candidate views fashion as an artistic form of expression.

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Our products allow you to design, code, and ship brilliant software. We’re looking for a content strategist to really help us improve and formalize our approach to content strategy and help make it a more consistent part of our process.

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13 Great New Work From Home Writing Jobs
Join Online Course Marketing


As a Lead Copywriter for our sales presentation development team, you will be working closely with internal designers and subject matter experts across the organization to develop compelling product presentations for our prospects and customers.

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Mile High Locksmith is a Colorado based locksmith company looking for an experienced wordsmith to help serve our website and our promotional endeavors.

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Toptal is a network of the world’s top 3% of software engineering, design, and finance talent – available on demand to help companies accelerate, adapt, and scale. With $100+ million in annual revenue and triple-digit growth, Toptal is the largest fully distributed workforce in the world.

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Offering Freelance Writing Jobs at the Write StylesWork at home, make money no matter where you are in the world.
Get paid to write articles, blog posts, ebooks and many more.
Choose from 1,000’s of jobs daily from different subjects
Flexible work hours, work when you want to
Highest-paying writing jobs – guaranteed.
Fast payments via PayPal, checks or wire transfer.

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Launched in June 2011, FGA is a dynamic and fast-growing free-market think tank headquartered in sunny Naples, Florida, and is known for its world-class team of welfare, health care and job creation policy experts and their innovative policy solutions.

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Perficient is proud to be publicly recognized as a “Top Workplace” year after year. This is due to our entrepreneurial attitude and collaborative spirit that sets us apart and keeps our colleagues impassioned, driven, and fulfilled.

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Are you passionate about PC gaming and hardware? We’re looking for an experienced writer to create content for our Edge Up and ROG websites. The position involves writing engaging and informative articles along with creating supporting photography and other imagery.

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13 Great New Work From Home Writing Jobs
Join Affiliate Marketing Mastermind Course


The Brennan Center’s Justice Program seeks to improve our criminal justice system through bipartisan efforts to end mass incarceration while keeping the country safe.

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Futurism is a digital media platform covering the scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations that will shape our future. Our content is currently read by over 20 million people per month across all our distribution platforms

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We are motivated to create your new website, get your search engine optimization going and help you ease the burden of Internet marketing. You will not see anything like this, anywhere else. We deliver value and provide customer support like no other.

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I trust that these jobs will suit your needs. Don’t forget to Contact Me if you need help with Transcription Services. 

Blessed Be

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Transcription Services

The Write Styles Transcription Services  is an exciting new service. I am so pleased to announce that we have partnered with JLF Transcriptions to meet the needs of a diverse selection of people requiring quick and accurate transcriptions, including professionals, such as medical specialists and lawyers.

We now also transcribe for various other clients that require podcasts, books, media, technical, financial and other general audio, hard copy or video files transcribed.

Transcription Services
Contact us for all your transcription needs.

Transcription Services

We have recently started expanding our business to include a wider client base and a handful of hardworking, excellent freelance transcriptionists.

Our rates are very reasonable. We can provide you with transcripts that are as flawless as any transcript could get on a very reasonable timescale. We dedicate our efforts to keeping our clients happy with fast, well researched and accurate work.

Transcription Rates

We determine our rates per audio or video minute in US Dollars  as follows:

  • For single speaker (non-professional) or one-on-one interviews/conversations, clear audio/professionally produced audio, we charge our base rate of $1 per audio minute for non-urgent files. Non-urgent files have a turnaround time of four or more days. (We do not levy a premium for non-urgent work returned early.)
  • Two to three days’ turnaround rate is $1.10.
  • Next day rate is $1.20.
  • Urgent, same-day rate is $1.50.
  • For poor quality audio or multiple speakers, we add $0.20 per audio minute to our base rate.
  • For professional services (medical, financial and legal, for example), we add $0.20 to our base rate.
  • For research-heavy files (such has historical, arts, technical, industry specific projects) requiring our transcriptionists to spend more than the average time researching, we add $0.20 to our base rate.
We have sourced the best rates for transcription equipment. By using this ad you help us earn 5% comms - and we thank you :)
We have sourced the best rates for transcription equipment. By using this ad you help us earn 5% comms – and we thank you 🙂

Our service is of excellent quality and our dedication, excellent turnaround times and well-researched, accurate transcripts are sure to impress you.



Is a Transcription Career for You? Jeanne Fick reveals all.

Transcribing is a wonderful alternative career in the writing field, it provides a constant workflow and no two audios are ever the same. I started out on this field about five years, so I still have much to learn. Today I was fortunate enough to interview Jeanne Fick about the pros and cons of beginning a transcription career.

Starting your Transcription Career.Career in Transcribing, Jeanne Fick reveals all.

How were you first introduced to transcribing?

When I was 14, I interviewed Mr. Duckett in Darling for a history project, who fought in the Second World War. I transcribed the entire 60-minute tape using an old-school tape recorder… Play, stop, write, rewind, repeat… It took me many, many days to complete.

Many years later, while working at a law firm in Wynberg, Cape Town, as a receptionist, I was given some overflow transcription files to do when the secretaries were overloaded. I was hooked. It was so much better than being a receptionist!

What would one need in order to make a successful career as a transcriptionist? Are there any outlay costs?

Good ears, good language (written and oral) skills, good typing skills, computer literacy, thinking skills, analytical skills, excellent time management skills and impeccable client management skills.

Yes, there are startup costs. At the very least, you should have these four basic items: A good PC, good headphones, good internet and transcription software. Without these basic items, you won’t be doing any transcription work.

Your PC will be on almost permanently. It will be burning midnight oil right along with you. You need one that is reliable and can handle the hours without getting cranky or crashing, causing you lose your work and/or precious time. Personally, I use a mini PC. It is tiny, silent and never complains. Of course, you wouldn’t be using this for gaming.

Great headphones make all the difference. These need to be noise cancelling, lightweight and durable. They will be on your head and over your ears for many hours at a time. Invest in a set that will remain comfortable for as long as you wear them.

A footswitch, while you can certainly transcribe using the hotkeys, really speeds things up.  While they might be rather pricey, they pay for themselves very quickly with speed and ease of use. I consider them an indispensable investment.

You need the best internet provider you can find. Even if you have to pay more for service, again, this will pay for itself when it comes to download speeds. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for an urgent file to download for hours while you could already be typing.

Transcription software, while important, is rather down to personal preference. Pick the one that works best for you. There are many out there. Personally, I’m most comfortable with Express Scribe (the paid version… always use the paid versions of any software).

It’s also nice to have (especially in South Africa) a basic backup power system. I have a 1.4KW inverter and a 24v backup battery to keep things going for a while.

Yes, there are startup costs. Frankly, I don’t consider them “costs” as such, but rather infrastructure investment.

Amazon is running some specials on Express Scribe at the moment, however South Africans must please note that they do NOT deliver to SA. 🙁

What would you warn an aspiring transcriptionist against? What pitfalls do you foresee? Can you give an example from your own experience?

Prepare yourself for good, hard work and long hours of frustration before things start to really pay off. You need to find clients. Transcription companies that are hiring are a good place to start. You will more than likely have to do a few test files and be rejected a few times before you land a job.

Don’t have only one client. It’s like putting your eggs all in one basket. I worked for a well-known transcription company for a long time and they were my only client. Getting money out of them got increasingly more difficult as time went by. Needless to say, I no longer complete files for them. I had to start almost from scratch again to build up my client base.

Try to get private clients. If you have a medical background, start there and approach doctors, either in person or online. If you have a legal background, try contacting a few small law firms. The same goes for technical and financial, etc.

What has kept you in the field of transcribing all these years? What do you feel is the greatest advantage?

The freedom. I have been a freelance transcriptionist for nearly a decade now. Besides that I love my interesting and diverse job and amazing clients, I also have the time to do almost exactly as I please and enjoy my amazing lifestyle. I can go fishing, traveling, shopping and all sorts of things without having to ask my boss for time off or apply for a day’s leave. I can choose how many hours I work a day and when I work. What hours I take off during the day, I can always put in at night.

You don’t work for a salary. What you put in, you most certainly get out!

What advice would you give newcomers?

Work hard! You will get frustrated, you will struggle, your body will ache after hours of being planted firmly on your seat, but in the end, your efforts will be well rewarded.

Oh, and get exercise, for your ass will expand exponentially!!

I do believe Jeanne to be one of South Africa’s top transcriptionists and I, personally, have learned so much from her during the years. I do however wish she had given the ‘exercise’ advice earlier because I am living proof of what being sat behind a PC day in and day out can do to one’s ‘physique’ 🙂

So great advice from Jeanne Fick, a transcriptionist that really knows her stuff! So if you need any audios transcribed, feel free to contact Jeanne at LinkedIn.

Where to start your Transcription Career?

Here are two websites that are brilliant for aspiring transcriptionists. I, personally, started with them and had no issues with payments other than having to have a PayPal account. There are no startup fees needed, you can start today.

First is Casting Words, they are great for beginners. You can listen to their audios before accepting the job. They also grant you wonderful turnaround times too, so you don’t feel so pressured. (Oh, and you do get an extension if time runs out too 😉 ) They also have a wonderful Facebook Group that offers around the clock support!

castingwords -Transcription Career
Yup, this is where I started 🙂

Second is Speechpad, they are also brilliant and offer a wide variety of jobs including standard and premium capturing.

speechpad - Transcription Career
Ensure to follow the styleguides before commencing!

They both offer styleguides, so be sure to study them before attempting to accept a job!

What you may also find really useful is a Transcription Crash Course offered by Loretta Oliver. I enjoy her little book as she has put maximum info into a very dynamic quick paced and insightful book. In it you’ll find among more:

  • Things you need
  • Things that make life easier
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Playback Speeds
  • Verbatim vs Cleaned Up Transcribing
  • General Transcript Formatting
  • Your First Transcript
  • Planning Turnaround Times
  • Determining Rates
  • Finding Jobs and Securing Clients
  • Your Website…. and much more!!!

Do feel free to contact me with any further questions that you may still have, I would love to assist you with your Transcription Career.

Jeanne and I have recently partnered,  how honored am I! Do check out our Transcription Services.

Blessed Be,